The Great Divide

To welcome a stranger

  • Some days are just as good as it gets. Today was one of those days. After a refreshing night I got an early start leaving the funky hamlet of Polebridge behind, where every cyclist gets a free fruit fritter. Man were they delicious. 
  • On the way out a fire fighter was kind enough to point out that  I am dragging a buckle. Thank you. I have already lost one. Now, I am supposed to have a buckle check every time I start riding. Just have to remember to go through my checklist. Check. 
  • Following the the Flathead River on mostly paved forest roads was mostly uneventful until I hit a washboard cluster that looked like choppy sea. My front wheel bucked like a wild mustang. My iPhone flew off its holder crashing into the gravel: hairline fracture. Better than dead. 
  • A couple of shirt climbs and I made it into Columbia Falls for lunch: Bulgogi beef and microbrew amber ale. Really? What amazes me is the randomness how one finds these gems. I am using an app to find camping spots and other attractions. Somebody had dound this unassuming eatery. Excellent recommendation. 
  • The best came last: The next official campsite was about a 40 mile ride out of Columbia Falls. Too far for the rest of the day. Nevertheless, I took off hoping to find something beforehand. And there it was: Nirvana for today  coming around the corner I saw the first sign that said “Great Divide”. I had to stop and take a picture. What was that below? “Cyclists welcome to camp”. That was me!
  • Tom Arnone offered me a place to pitch my tent, gave an ice chest with cold drinks, and a tour of his restored Ducatis and handmade wooden canoes. As friendly and nice as it gets. Thank you. 

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