The Great Divide

39 degrees Celsius

I crossed a border this afternoon. Am I in Mexico already. The thermometer said 39 degrees. Can you drink 2 liters of water in less than 10 min? Yes. 

2 liters of ice water in 10 min.

I had a great morning, though. I rode a few miles to Baynes Lake and had a private Sunday morning swim with some turtles, not sure what species, but they were bigger than my hand, had yellow stripes on their  head and red ones in their feet. They stayed underwater for 3-4 min. Not the wildlife I had expected to see on this trip. I wish I could have taken that lake with me. 

Now, I am waiting in the pizza shop for the heat to fade away. Another gruel gravel byway with a 700m ascent are waiting. 

Another pitcher of ice water, please!


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